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We stock top quality, light weight, convenient emergency blankets to help you enjoy the outdoors more and more often.

 Each pack includes:

  • 4 individually wrapped emergency        blankets
  • Each blanket is gold one side and        silver the other
  • Each blanket measures 3 inch x            4.5 inch x ¾ inch
  • Each blanket weighs less than 0.2         ounces

 It has the convinience of:

  • Easily fits in your pocket
  • Easily fits in your glove                            compartment
  • Reflects up to 90% of your body          heat
  • Prevents hypothermia
  • Use as a signalling device
  • Use as an emergency shelter

 Perfect for:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Adventure racing

Why you should own one?

The emergency blanket is one small piece of safety equipment that can be crucial in a life saving situation. They are inexpensive, light, easy to carry, small and fit just about anywhere. In return they can be used to protect an injured person from the onset of shock or hypothermia.

The blanket prevents over 90% of a person’s body heat from being lost and thus prevents the core body temperature from dropping to fatal levels.

The blankets are perfect for hikers, campers, trekkers, fishermen, hunters, skiiers, adventure racers, kayakers and anyone who lives in cold weather climates.

You should trust Gold Stand Outdoor Company brand blankets, as you get a convenient 4 pack, at a great price and the dual sided nature of our blankets means you get the benefit of increased visibility compared to a cheap standard silver blanket.


Not having actually used these yet, and hoping we won't have to, I am familiar with the product. Having been raised in Alaska, I know the value of having warm blankets in a vehicle. I got a pack for our car and one for my son and his family. Winter is coming, and predicted to be bad here in the east. At this small price I feel if we get stuck in a snowstorm, which has happened more than once, we will be warm​

Sally G
5 Stars

I highly recommend this product. We camp regularly and to have this as a backup is a necessity. The emergency blanket is small, light weight and it's easy to store in our camping gear. It's just perfect for our family. It came in a 4 pack and there's one emergency blanket for each one of us.

Reynaldo Soriano jnr
5 Stars

Perfect size....gave them to my family for backpacks and cars!

5 Stars                 

Great product , very compact to store them in you glove box for safety hope we don't have to use them but great to have them !!!!

5 Stars                 

After feeling the tightness and warmth of a Mylar blanket during acupuncture session, I decided to get these 4 pack packets to give to family members to put in their cars, along with other safety equipment.

5 Stars                 


The Gold Standard Outdoor Company strives to set the highest possible standards in product design and customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied with you product in every way, we will replace or refund in full. guaranteed.