Risk v Reward

Dangerous Times!!

With the recent bad news of the body of a hiker being found in Yosemite National Park, it is a timely reminder that there is always an element of risk in everything we do.  Especially outdoors, the more you love it, often there is a commensurate risk involved.


I have included a link here, which shows just how dangerous some activities can be.


It’s probably no surprise that Base Jumping is one of the most dangerous things you can do.  Grand Prix motor racing is also up there as is Hang Gliding and Mountaineering in Nepal.  Even jogging and cycling come with a risk.  As winter approaches this risk increases with all activities as the threat of hypothermia increases your chances of being added to many of the activities on this chart.


Still we don’t want to be locked in a padded cell as life is for living, so continue to enjoy the climbing and the hiking the canoeing and the skiing.  Just be careful and like a good scout, always be prepared.  Managing the risk and putting steps in place to ensure you get to play again another done needs to be your highest priority, if not for your sake for those of your family and friends.



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